Can You Paint Me A Picture?

We don’t know one another very well

But can you do me a favor?

Can you paint me a picture

Of a wonderful family

With a woman that took the time

To have, and raise me?

Can you make them smiling

Because they have nothing but joy in their lives?

Standing together

Like nothing could tear them apart.

Can you give me a past that completes me

Instead of completely tearing me apart?

A better label than an orphan

That wasn’t a very good start.

Can you give me a father

That would lay down his life for me?

When I look into his eyes

I see nothing but his love?

Can you give me family

That would cherish all my gifts?

Make me feel important

Instead of completely useless?

Can you make me wanted

By the two that created me?

Then paint me a picture

So I can pretend

That is the way it is supposed to be.




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