If she believed everything You say Then she would think She were your life That she can Take your breath away From you. If she listened closely Which she doesn't She would think You never loved anyone Like you love her. So why Do you make her cry?

I Didn’t Hear That

The voices in my head say one thing What comes out of my mouth is another. I've never had the ability to discern the truth Wouldn't ever come from my mother. A little tear in a dress Does it mean you'll never wear it? Jeans that used to slide right on Now no longer fit.... Continue Reading →

Someday There Will Be

Some point of life you stop Reality escapes realism most times Then you are left with fragments Only pieces of what you thought was whole. Tenderness, like touching his cheek For the very first time Or kissing her forehead Just before she goes to sleep. Someday there will be a reason for you Maybe today... Continue Reading →

Take My Matches

Within the quiet recesses of my mind Playing a scene over and over in my head Of me, getting everything I want Which is you.   The tenderness that betrays us Grief that pulls us together Wavering instability that is my mind Pulled from every ash I've burned Because I never learned nostalgia; I burn... Continue Reading →


Both in front of And behind me Are doors. One would take me Back to where I have been. The other would take me To the unknown. I stand precariously In the middle With nobody watching To see which path I end up taking. Sometimes I wish Someone would take charge Order me to move... Continue Reading →

One Thousand Roses

Maybe the stars don't shine at night They are an illusion in your mind. Maybe I'm simpler than some women Or maybe I'm really not that blind. I spent a hundred days trying to convince him Then six hundred trying to mend. So many more licking wounds that don't heal With one infatuated friend. Maybe... Continue Reading →

Out of the War

I wander through the battlefield Looking around at everyone so angry They are bent on killing one another At the very least, maiming. I remember this war It began long before me And will continue Long past me. I remember this hate This anger This jaded woman Hell bent on destruction. I remember living a... Continue Reading →


Years and years ago; Before you even thought of it Doors were slammed shut So hard, They could be heard For miles. Walls were reinforced Then reinforced again Just to be sure.   She looks like any other girl But when it comes to matters of the heart Or anything that requires attention On her... Continue Reading →

The Decision

Silence rapes the atmosphere Then begs for your forgiveness The sudden urgency to cry is lost Yet depression gets its prize. Held a candle to a tree once Then listened for it beg for my mercy. Such a silly thing mercy is Only given when people are watching.   Two are hanging from a cliff;... Continue Reading →

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