Breathe Again

Take it down a notch

Your life began a few months ago

When everything you thought of ‘them’

Was turned upside down

By ‘him.’


Acutely aware of the tension

He still stepped into the fray

What would be his cost?

Maybe she’d run away.


Cussing his kind to the ends

What was her cost?

An unimaginable list

Of everything she has lost.


He made me breathe again

To see the other side

A better view of his gender

Without the terrifying ride.


Now I cannot cuss them

Without also including him

A person that has done nothing

But give me my every whim.


Now I don’t have to worry

I can simply sit here and breathe.

He made it so easy

He simply made me believe.


Don’t tell him I said this

But I don’t think about the past

He is my ‘right now’

And honestly, my last.


The only rock I’ve ever had

The one that never got away

And I believe him every time

He says he is going to stay.



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