You Can Read

You can see it all in writing

Right there before your eyes

They are all the complete truth

The man doesn’t tell any lies.

You can read about the places he’s been

And where he wants to go

He has a fantastic rhythm

A really hypnotizing flow.

You can read about his adventures

The women he’s loved before

All the aches and pains of breakups

That apparently left him wanting more.

There are poems about the weather

The significant loss of his life

This whirlwind that left him bereft

I think that was his ex wife.

Left off the page is anything new

Pointed at the direction of today

You think the mans in love?

You think you could get him to say?

Maybe she is his secret

As he makes others his muse

Perhaps she is just a timely invention

Of a clearly masterful ruse.

Maybe he’s just hoping

Something better comes along

You can assume he writes of love for someone

But then again, you could be wrong.

Maybe she is a secret

Because he’s still not really sure

In case she fails his tests

He could wipe her away like a blur.


You’d read about his life history

Of everything that could ever be

Not once will you see a mention

Of anything concerning me.


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