Heaven Can Wait

You’ll have to wait for me

I’m not ready yet

Death will have to take a back seat

To everything I need to do.

There are children that require my attention

Many deeds I’ve left undone

Words I haven’t spoken yet

People I have yet to touch

With my hands

Not my words.


Heaven will have to wait for me

At least another few years

Because knowing me

I’ll have to re-learn lessons

I was just taught

A few minutes ago.


Tell Keith he’ll have to wait for me

That I’m angry at him still

For leaving me

When I needed him.

Tell anyone else

That cares up there

That I’m just not ready

Not today.


Life spoils an atmosphere

That is headed in the wrong direction.

I said it didn’t matter to me

But I had the wrong dictation.


A note left on the counter in haste

Gave my plan away

The girl, the woman, this defiant one

Just doesn’t want to go today.


Someone reads the angry note

Takes it entirely the wrong way

“She’s going to jump off the cliff

It says she’ll do it today!”


So much for the wise being readers

Do you know, really know what I am saying?

This note meant for my hasty retreat

Meant that I was staying.


Carefully penned the next time

I made the note one word long

Heaven can wait for me today

Then I blasted my favorite song.



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