Force Me

They stripped an identity from a child

Took away her genealogy

Told her to love these other people

That she was no longer part of that other family.

They hate what she loves

Love what she hates

Then forces her to participate

In everything

They enjoy.

They strip her name from her

Altering documents

As necessary

To perpetuate

This lie.


When she is ungrateful

For this tragedy

In her life

They tell her

“Nobody wanted you”


“You’re just lucky we wanted you.”


She feels sometimes

If she doesn’t please them

They will give her away

Maybe to a family

Even worse than this one.


So she succumbs

To their wants and needs

Perpetuates the lies

They tell everyone

To make themselves feel better.


I’m not saying there isn’t


A beautiful side to this

But you can’t force me

To endorse it.

saying (50)

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