He Said This Was Yours

Would he die to protect you from harm?

Would he leap in front of that car?

Would he grab the moon to show his love?

Or bring you from heaven a star?


How do you know that he loves you?

Does it say it, and therefore it is true?

Have you not heard they lie like thieves?

And will paint your entire world blue?


How many have said they loved you?

How many have lied?

How many have said they would give their lives?

And tell me, how many of those bitches have died?


I scurry out to the park he is meant to meet you

Got there right before he scores

Ripped the heart out of his chest, and handed it to you

“Here, he said this was yours.”




One thought on “He Said This Was Yours

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  1. I guess love is the most primal emotion, and so must be expressed in the most primal language. Essentially we would like to think it is a lie, and maybe most of the time it is, at best, an exaggeration; but sometimes, just sometimes, there is a core of honesty there. I think this is what you are saying, and I like the way you say it.

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