I have a messed up version of reality

And this anger thing, really

I’m not good with times and dates

Have no clue how to make chili.

Not the best at keeping track

Don’t care about the score

In the daylight I’m quite the lady

At night I’ll be your whore.

I’m shameless when it comes to honestly

Completely abhor religion and it’s fans

Can make the best of any situation

Then ruin all your delicious plans.

I’m a mess on the road while driving

Everyone just seems to be in my way

Sometimes I want to be very serious

Then sometimes I just want to play.

I’ll start to read one book

Then decide I’ll read another

Never had a place to call home really

Never had a mother.

But looking back on all my life

There is nothing I’d rather be

I’m unapologetic, a tragic mess

And unmistakably me.



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