I went into Spring with anticipation

Everything was well

Every day I was happy

It was only rain that fell.

Summer got the best of me

The heat took my strength

The ability to rise and fall

Made me look at life at length.

Fall reminded me of death

As everything withered away

I realized this is not where I want to be

I want to run away.

Winter grasped it’s cold dead hands

Around this heart of mine

It fooled me into believing again

That Spring would make it fine.

Spring came slowly this year

Then suddenly reminded me I was alone

It never helped to disturb the peace

By hugging a telephone.

Summer scorched me yet again

I felt it’s bitter sun

The warmth is so inviting to some

But it makes me want to run.

It’s Fall again the leaves are dead

There is dying all around

I’m wondering now if I’m not so lost

I’ll never again be found.

Winter likes to taunt me

I’m all alone this year

The enemy comes in waves of three

“Why don’t you have a beer?”

Drunken with the lust of life

I forget my angry soul

Spring makes it all again

Yet I forget to pay the toll.

Summer comes to a blistering start

Everyone around turns red

I wonder if this is really my life

Or maybe I’m just dead?


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