A Child Standing In A Light

I feel like a child

Standing in a light

Everything so exposed

And me

So un-witty

So unnerved

That I don’t even know

How to respond.


Sometimes we are the broken

Sometimes we are the lost

But honestly, we are the strong

Just at a very high cost.

We get the justice from our sacrifice

In the deeds we don’t complete

We do better to serve our people

When face to face we meet.

Told to kneel to the master one day

I told them I never would.

Grown, it was harder to intimidate me

Though they honestly thought they could.


They swore there was a devil in me

So they took me down to the water


Holding me under the water

Until I didn’t move anymore.


When they questioned my rebellion

I didn’t have a great answer

In all the course of humanity

I never made a very good dancer.

Lies were always elusive to me

The truth spews angry words at times

I felt like a little kid that day

Talking to a room of mimes.


There are women hidden in this world

No matter what you do, you cannot break

They buck the system, fight the fight

None of your shit will they take.


I felt like a child standing in light

With the whole world looking at me

I had to decide to make this all right

Before I began to flee.

I pointed my finger and nodded my head

Something inside me told me to fight

I screamed at each and everyone of them

Now I only scream at night.



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