Out of the War

I wander through the battlefield

Looking around at everyone so angry

They are bent on killing one another

At the very least, maiming.

I remember this war

It began long before me

And will continue

Long past me.

I remember this hate

This anger

This jaded woman

Hell bent on destruction.

I remember living a life

Where my pain would remind me

So I would suit up

Fight the fight

Even if nobody was there;

I still fought.


Change has surrounded me now

There is nothing but peace within me

Only memories of the anger

The hate

And the faintest idea

Of what started it all.


I walked into this war

A bitter, though frightened woman

I walked out of this war

Very different.


While I wander around the battlefield

An angry person rushes up to me

“You want to fight?”

I shake my head “no thanks

I’ve been you before, and I’m done with that.”


Battles change our perspective

Every war increases the chances

We won’t survive.

If you are lucky enough

To walk out of the war

Then you should be smart enough

To not go back in.

*My 1000th post on this blog, thank you to everyone that reads my scribbling, I hope you get something out of it.*

lost soul

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