Where Did You Find That?

He brought a little piece Of my soul back. It was wrapped in this beautiful cloth Gently he laid it in my hand As I stood there Looking at him Wondering where in the world He found this?   He has never told me.

Afraid of the Dark?

Silly person Why would I ever be afraid of the dark When everything bad That has ever happened to me Has happened in broad daylight, Typically with other people watching And doing nothing? Would it not make more sense For me to be afraid Of people? Or doing nothing?

The Dancer

There is a picture in my head of a dancer Floating all around the room Eyes closed, hands in the air You can almost feel this beautiful rose bloom. She isn't hearing any of the talking As the people gather to see This miraculous woman that seems to be dancing Everyone's enjoyment for free. She... Continue Reading →

For His Love

I would take away the past from him Rip it up to shreds Then mask all of his indifference Burn all those angry beds. Peel the hands of time from a clock Then return the favor upon his maid Get the symptom of the crime But only by getting him laid. Find most of it... Continue Reading →

From The Moment

From the minute she was able to She withdrew the feelings of concern. Everything to a back seat To the stars and heaven above.   From the moment freedom came to her She was able to discern Right wrong, or indifferrent Sang very different tunes To a lady acutely aware Of the outcome.

Healing Begin

Blowing past what she doesn't remember Lost to circumstances Well beyond her control. Once stood upon the top of her demons Pronouncing them gone Rewarded for the lost souls Though none of them were, really. Took torment to a whole new level As nothing happening around her Caused her concern, or dismay. The origin was... Continue Reading →

I Fell In Love

When I think of loving him Or what first caught my attention I smile. It's the little sigh He lets out When I've frustrated him And he doesn't know what to say. It's the laugh in his voice The smile I get The comfort of knowing He is mine. It's the ring he got me... Continue Reading →

What Did You Find?

One phone call and it was over Everything we planned for A lie. A few words and we were through Your mumbling We die.   What did you find in the meantime? A woman without a storm? Did you realize you liked to be single? Don't you ever want to be warm?   Did you... Continue Reading →

I’d Still Want You

I could be in the most beautiful place Surrounded by those that care Laughing and having a great time I'd still want you there. I could be sitting in a room all alone Writing a poem Worried about your feelings for me Worried maybe I care a bit more than you I'd still want you... Continue Reading →

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