What She Became

A little girl so lost in the forest

Screaming for help in vain

Nobody came to her that day

Everything touched her like rain.

He exposed her to the torture

She’ll never forget tonight

It’ll be her never ending wound

In this bitter and tormenting fight.


Later in life she became a witch

Put a hex on that evil man

Cut his body into many pieces

Was her ultimate devious plan.

When revenge is your friend and glory

Sometimes it is the ultimate sacrifice

When one hammer would do the damage

Then ten, should suffice.


She got out all her anger on his body

Then buried him in pure white sand

A circle of salt and a few horrible words

For her reward, she kept his hand.


That never took the pain away

It never healed the child

Couldn’t silence her screaming

Her setback was all but mild.

Wondered if maybe this revenge

Didn’t really end up that well

She’d rise with the thought of his death

But at night she would hide in her shell.


Driving along she whispered

“How can I ever stop this fight?”

When she heard a child screaming in the distance

She knew this would be her night.

Ran into the forest like an inferno

Ready to kill the pain

A child had succumb to the same fate

This man would need to be slain.

In front of this child she murdered

What would have been their fate

But she wouldn’t let that happen tonight

She would protect, with hate.


After a few people had died

She was finally brought to trial

Asked why she had become this monster

She said “you men, are vile.”


You cannot let the hate consume you

Protection comes at a cost

You must never forget what is within you

As much as you forget what you lost.


2 thoughts on “What She Became

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  1. And so we create what we dislike. Only to judge them as monsters.
    Who are the real animals I ask myself everyday as I wash the blood from my hands.
    What have I become who am I to judge when I to am guilty.

    And so I write after reading a wonderful piece..

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