Without A Light

I’d give you a shilling for luck

But I’m afraid you need the power

I’d tell you that you smell good

But honestly, you need a shower.

I’d walk away

But I always look back

Tried to catch a train one time

But got on the wrong track.

You always seem to find me lost

Then correct my past mistakes

Say it is for solitude

But we both know what that takes.

I’ve cried for freedom

Then forgot the price

Gotten angry because they cuss

Forgot I also have a vice.

Not quite perfect

Not by far

I’ve lost the moon

While searching for a star.

Was dishonest once

To this man

Was his weakness

But not his plan.

I’ve made them love me

Then walked away

I’m not the game

I don’t want to play.

Searched the shore

For a shell

Wanted to stay

It became my hell.

Cried lonely tears

In a cloud of dust

Came up wanting

But not for lust.

I’ve done it wrong

Not always right

It’s just my way

Without a light.



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