The complexity of the situation seemed to elude her She was so anxious she wanted to crawl out of her own skin The delicate fragrance of jasmine in the air did little to provide comfort; For she knew what was about to come to her in haste. She thought about the times she spent singing... Continue Reading →


Fading strongly across what she laid out An open hand, with a very forceful sense of urgency. Life knows how to hand out the best of what it intends But does so even so randomly, that she couldn't keep up. When everything seemed so lost She foraged for whatever it was she needed Pride, dignity,... Continue Reading →


Stopping along the path In a beautiful rain Where you don't really get damp Just feels like a heavy dew. Look over at a tree Realizing I've been passing them for years With nary a thought of them Now I'm thinking I should stop a minute Take a look at one more closely Maybe even... Continue Reading →


Hidden in a river he doesn't visit Lost the shadows of everyone He turned from in haste. She hits her head into his banging indifference Sometimes finding it refreshing Sometimes exhausting; She doesn't know whether to laugh Or keep turning her head to it.   A stream flows past a child Playing beside it for... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Within Her

Preferring to stay out of the battle Because she doesn't have the strength anymore. Stability comes in waves of mistrust That ends the day with a sigh. Truth be known, the only way To find out the mystery within her Is to be inside her.  

Your Storm

So much of her So little of 'now' Left feeling a bit jaded The entire idea exploded. She pulls herself from the fray Unwilling to show anyone It all got to her too much. Today she loves Wants Desires. Today she wants to be Your storm.

What Did You Say?

She fell to the ground Tears streaming down her face Clawing at the dirt Trying to get to you. Screaming over and over "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Because this woman got up Said right before you crashed She was on the phone with you And told you She wanted you back.

I Don’t Want to Tell You

I don't want to tell you about me; I want you to find out Yourself. Peer into the dark recesses Clean out fragments that seem so detatched Make your home somewhere in my heart Where you can stay Unabated.   See my life Through my stories Through my eyes My heart My voice.   Knowing... Continue Reading →

Would You Whisper?

The sunrise peeks into the window Sun greets our naked bodies Still so close to one another Yet no longer joined together. Every sense accounted for last night Tasting Touching Smelling Hearing Seeing. Some of them more than once.   If you had me Just one night Would you whisper Everything?    

Do You Remember Me?

The woman that stayed on the phone with you So long you'd wake up in the morning, and we'd still be connected. The one that you could call angry, and end up laughing All night long at the silly stories and ideas I had. The one that said that one day we would be together... Continue Reading →

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