The Walk

Tenderly, as if driven by clouds

I shut the door on everything tonight.

The cool air surrounds me

As the wind swiftly brushes the hair back from my face.

The sound of my footsteps as I take every step;

My thoughts lead me back to where my life is

Thinking only of today

In fact, only thinking of right now.

Street lights in the middle of every block

Light puddles of water strewn around

With small branches to remind me of the wind storm

That kept me up too late last night.

I wonder now, as I always do

If I do enough, or there is more somewhere I could do

Finally I have to put my hands in my pockets

It’s too cold out here just now.


Corner after corner reminds me

Of how absolutely alone I am right now

How vulnerable to elements

To the evils of this world

I really am.

We feel like we have an army behind us

But if we truly did, where are they now?


Yielding to the cold, I sit for a minute

Watch a car drive by me

Wonder how warm they are

If they know where they are going

Or they are just as lost as I am?


When I realize sitting made me colder, I get up.

Do I turn and walk back to my penalty

Or do I slowly walk away and try it all again

Somewhere else?


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