Do You Remember Me?

The woman that stayed on the phone with you

So long you’d wake up in the morning, and we’d still be connected.

The one that you could call angry, and end up laughing

All night long at the silly stories and ideas I had.

The one that said that one day we would be together

As if life were a certainty, and it never failed us.


Do you remember the fall?

The day we realized maybe it wasn’t going to be?

How we sat silent and stoic, for the first time

Is there a part of you that remembers me?


Do you remember the guy that bumped into you at the party

He said you told him you had no idea who I was?

Well, he doesn’t remember me either.


Do you remember joking with me about getting married?

Or parading you around in a cage so people could see you?

Writing together in the middle of the night

Poems that sparked imagination and put all others to shame.


Do you remember calling me at 3am

You said you just wanted to hear my voice?


As I sit here, knowing my phone will not ring

I think of you telling me how my voice makes you feel

How you don’t talk to anyone like you talk to me.

How nobody talks to you like I do.


You were wrong you know

I never forgot.


There are mountains that need moving

Water needs dried up.

Too many things stand in our way

We’ll have to pour a cup.

Lives need to stand still for a while

So we can think about the future

Wounds now need healed quickly

Without the benefit of suture.

I’m asking if you remember me

Or just remember the fall

If there is anything you remember

Let it be it all.


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