Fading strongly across what she laid out

An open hand, with a very forceful sense of urgency.

Life knows how to hand out the best of what it intends

But does so even so randomly, that she couldn’t keep up.

When everything seemed so lost

She foraged for whatever it was she needed

Pride, dignity, reason, comprehension, intelligence.

There is a light in this woman nobody sees

Because nobody cares enough to look deeper in her

Than what they can get, what they see, what she can do.

With no sense of time, she thinks they are silly making up a clock

Just to keep up with some sense of order within the chaos that is life.

Putting others in charge of one another, giving this false sense of authority

One, over another,

Who decided this was the way, and whom would rule whom?


She glides along in a garden she planet

Most of which are things she doesn’t eat

So she grows them for others.

The light in her, never diminished by the fact

That nobody can see it.


You can extinguish darkness with light

But you never extinguish light with darkness.


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