Call Me

Call me when you can be a man That wants a woman. When you want the taste of me On your lips. When you want my breasts Against your body. When you want your lips pressed to mine In a kiss neither of us will forget. When you are rock hard and I can feel... Continue Reading →

How Do You Want Me?

Do you want me really quiet Like a shy little girl? Maybe really loud Like an obnoxious politician? Would you like me to dress sexy Like your vixen in the night? Or dress with everything covered completely So only you know what lies beneath? Would you like me settled and responsible Or needing you at... Continue Reading →

Year Eight

The eighth time I stand alone Ringing in a new year With nobody to kiss Nobody to whisper to me What a beautiful New year This will be.


There was a moment we could have changed it all Went back to what we once were The people we used to be.   Silence overcame us As we both fumbled for the door We didn't want to end it all But we didn't want one another anymore. Seasons took their toll on us We... Continue Reading →

A Little Visit

Sometimes I like to go back To that old trailer in the woods. Look inside the windows Remember what it was like To be someone Nobody wanted.   Sometimes I like to remember what it was like To be that little girl; So afraid of everyone And everything That sometimes I wanted to die.  ... Continue Reading →

My Little Place

I found a little place in this world Where I can be myself Talk about my crazy ideas Talk about life Explore the deepest parts Of my soul. I found a little place in this world Where I can speak Without being interrupted Where I can twirl like a ballerina Or sing, claiming to sound... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me Slowly

I want to drive him so crazy He doesn't know what to do with himself Until he finally has me. I want him to find himself in me In my eyes And my soul. I want to get so lost in him That it feels like I'm finally home.   I want him to kiss... Continue Reading →

I Walk Away

I walk away from you; Not because you intimidate me Or frighten me in some way. I walk away from you Because you are filled with such darkness And I am not. Because you hate And I don't. Because the evil has taken over you To the point that my goodness cannot be around you.... Continue Reading →

Come, Sit With Me

Come here to me Sit down on this bench. Breathe in the air of forgiveness Let me tell you about the past 9 years I barely survived Without you. Let me tell you how broken I got How completely lost I was How I never thought I would ever forgive you For leaving me.  ... Continue Reading →

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