Hidden Within the Mansion

The blue in her eye fades to a soft gray

As she attempts to understand the storm.

Wondering if maybe someday she could ease this curse

Or maybe now this will be her norm.

She sits a desk right in front of the door

She hated when people came in.

To stop the storm is easier than it sounds

The problem is the unforgivable sin.

She sat once at the edge of the ocean

Wishing life would take her away from all this

Nothing would make her happier than to leave

There is nothing here to miss.

She meets a man with very dark hair

That seems to take an interest in her accord.

He shines lights out in so many directions

But it is his emotions she cannot afford.


Heavy breaths of determination

Meet with the satisfaction that she’s won.

The secret hidden within the mansion

Was that she wasn’t all that much fun.

The traits of a leader are finite

What we lost may be what we see

Nothing that we don’t acknowledge

May want what we believe.


Revenge was on her mind once

So she went to find the chalice

They thought she wouldn’t really hurt them

They had no idea her amount of malice.


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