Walking Away From Danger

She smiled as she walked away

From the danger she sat in for years.

There was a moment she regretted everything

Then the sudden insurgence of tears.

Laid the note on their table

To read at a later time.

It wasn’t the fact that she had no match

It was that she never did the crime.

She felt a stinging need to let things go

Wouldn’t need them anymore.

The paper she always held in her hand

With the always fallacious score.


She let go of the anger that comes with betrayal

Let go of the reasons they all said she would fail.

She let go of the people that she was meant to trust

Let go of the men that only thought of lust.

She let go of the demons and beasts, them all

She told them she would rise, they assured her she would fall.


When they read the note that she left for them

It was a hot day in July.

They seethed for a moment, thought of a plan

That would include another lie.

She lived her life so carefully

Always trying to do well.

The truth is something we get for free

Where a lie we have to sell.


She walked away from danger today

With a smile upon her face.

A lady does what she can in the face of hurt

Yet she always remembers her place.


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