Come, Sit With Me

Come here to me

Sit down on this bench.

Breathe in the air of forgiveness

Let me tell you about the past 9 years

I barely survived

Without you.

Let me tell you how broken I got

How completely lost I was

How I never thought I would ever forgive you

For leaving me.


Sit down next to me

Let us watch this storm together

Let us touch on what we had

Instead of what we don’t.

Let us talk about the things that make us laugh

Instead of all the moments I cried

Thinking of you

Wishing I had you to talk to

Trying to bargain with God

For one more minute with you.


One minute may not be a lot to you

But to me it would mean everything.

I could tell you how much I love you

What you dying meant to my life

How I still don’t know

How to live without you.


Come sit with me

Let me tell you how I was found

What they had to do to repair me

How I screamed at them about your death

How they loved me anyway.

Let me tell you how I forgave me

For my reaction

To losing you.

How I’m glad I never really died

Because I know you would have been angry

How now, 9 years later

I finally


Want to live.


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