I Walk Away

I walk away from you;

Not because you intimidate me

Or frighten me in some way.

I walk away from you

Because you are filled with such darkness

And I am not.

Because you hate

And I don’t.

Because the evil has taken over you

To the point that my goodness cannot be around you.

Because I remember your abuse

That I’ve tried to forget all my life.


Because I still remember being a child

And not being able to get away from you;

From your terrible words.


Now your hate and discontent

Has moved down generations

Almost as if your evil

Is genetic.


I walk away from you

Because I’m a better person than you are

I don’t hate children

I don’t hate people

I don’t hate.

somebody to love

2 thoughts on “I Walk Away

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  1. I feel the healing energy in your words. Your child is speaking, and by giving her a voice, awareness puts love into action. Self love is always the means to loving others.

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