There was a moment we could have changed it all

Went back to what we once were

The people we used to be.


Silence overcame us

As we both fumbled for the door

We didn’t want to end it all

But we didn’t want one another anymore.

Seasons took their toll on us

We didn’t know what else to do

Time seemed to be going so fast

Our resentment we buried grew.


Winter brought us great refrain

A loss of ourselves in the cold.

We didn’t know it would get to this

Neither of us expected to get old.


Spring was an eternal bliss

All life became new again

We sought the writer in both of us

But we couldn’t find a pen.


Summer brought us warmth

A correction to the past

We knew this would be our end

We knew it wouldn’t last.


Fall broke our steady walk

The path seemed to be going away

When we thought we had some sense of stability

We realized we were stray.


The beginning of a book is nice

Set’s the entire tone

The middle is where all the action is

Like the meat around a bone.

The end of a book is depressing

We turn the pages slower

We take what we can from the middle

Then realize it’s over.


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