Life & Belief

Life Meanders Goes here Then there Maybe back Around again. What if life Really did boil down to What you believe Could occur Would? What if All you have to do Is just believe?

It’s Not Fair

It's not fair that you don't love her The way that she loves you. It's not fair you are her only one There you are with two. It's not fair the way you play games Treat her like an option Won't let her go to find her love Such a terrible concoction. It's not fair... Continue Reading →

It Won’t Be Me

I craft life In waves of uncertainty As if yesterday Were so different From today. I escape truth Write words One after the other Until I forget to breathe. Stay sane Through knowing Something At some point Will relent But it won't be me. Tears I've wasted One with your name Became fuel for me.... Continue Reading →

Blown Away

She stands in a crowded room Being attacked From every direction Nobody can see it She wonders why? Everyone seems so calm Relaxed Chatting While she Is being blown away With this war Inside of her.

The City of Saba

Fire rises from the land But you know why? It is he The one That rules the sky. Words not meant To set any presidence A guideline Of hope To treasure For life. A wanton belief Where some have none Not bearing false idols Or doing harm Even to one.

Maybe I’m Not

Maybe I'm the woman afraid To let anyone get close. Because too many that I allowed in Lied to me. Maybe I'm the woman stronger For what I went through For what I had to hide all my life So I didn't let someone's secret out. Maybe I'm your dream Someone that doesn't quite have... Continue Reading →

He Could Have Saved Me

There where whispers Of inadaquacies How a woman Born of sin Raised by demons Could possibly Do anything. There were shadows That followed me They were everywhere Reminding me How I don't fit in How I'm not the thinnest Prettiest Smartest Perhaps a curse? A bastards curse?   There were many Many That lied Did... Continue Reading →

She Would Speak

She would speak of being an angel But she isn't,  so she can't. She'd say everything is a possibility But you really don't want to hear her rant. A mystery to most people A survivor to the rest Life was her ultimate reward But it hasn't been her best.

That Train

My will they would take from me Every ounce of pride I contain I try to flee from this storm But I never get away from the rain. He tells me my fantasy Isn't reality at all. What rises from the ashes Will suddenly one day fall. I had nothing of my will left It's... Continue Reading →

She’s Lost In A Moment

She's lost in a moment Can't let it go. So many other things She wants you to know. Lost in a moment A fraction of time Before all this mess; Well before the crime. She's lost in a second She said the wrong thing Wishes instead of the war You could hear her heart sing.... Continue Reading →

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