You Said Goodbye

I had a dream you said goodbye

You walked up to me

Took my hands into yours

Told me I deserved a love

Greater than what you could provide

Kissed both my hands

Told me how beautiful I was

Then walked away.


I smiled

Because my subconscious

Must not remember

That you really just hid from me;

Like a sewer rat

Only coming out to feed.


As you walked away

I said goodbye to you


You didn’t deserve me.




4 thoughts on “You Said Goodbye

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  1. Reblogged this on dimheven's Blog and commented:
    In a brief thought of my subconscious mind
    I truly deserve you
    Even as a goddes of beauty that you are
    I became a god the moment you said “I love you”
    Reality is you can’t be a god by loving a goddes
    My mortal self still reflected my inadequacies
    That wasn’t a good image for the throne
    Looking from down the earth to the throne is enough for my mortal being
    Knowing my life wasn’t a waist of brilliance
    I will love you when I become a god
    Keep the throne for me.

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