He Reminds Me

The thought of him takes me back

To days when life was so much simpler.

After work you could go get a drink

Fill your mind with all kinds of ideals

Just to make your way home

And do the exact same thing the next day.


He reminds me of a gentle time

When hearts were lost to long walks

Talks of forever and beyond

When the promises people made they never broke.


He reminds me of when I believed in everything

There was so much good about people

Nobody could convince me otherwise

Even the bad people.


He reminds me of a dock

Where we carved our names into it

Promising that in the years to come

We would go back to that same place

Just to see our names again

And so we could remember

Making love right there  in the parking lot.


Today he showed me the life I could have had

If only I were a little more settled

A little more refined

A little less prone to run.


He reminds me of what I lost

In losing myself

To the darkness of my past.

Of what I could have gained

Had I dealt with it

Instead of running away.


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