I Want to Feel Again

A dress laying up against my leg. A corset, tight up against my chest. Him to look like at me like he would take me right there. Panty hose comfortably snug against my freshly shaved legs. The top of my breasts slightly peeking out of my shirt. The wind blowing my hair into my face,... Continue Reading →

Go Back?

I want to go back to a simpler time When we could believe what we were told. When we would hand our heart to someone And it mattered to them. When deals were made, and confirmed With a shake of a hand. When honor Was far more popular Than betrayal. I want to go back... Continue Reading →

There Are No Others

You can't kill words No matter how much you hate them. You can stop a beating heart Emotionally devastate a family Ruin every form of peace This world requires But you will never silence love. You cannot carry a Qur'an Spouting words of love and mercy Then kill someone Because it isn't the way. Your... Continue Reading →

You Tried

Like a dropped piece of paper on the ground The one you decide doesn't need to be picked up just now That was me.  An entire family made it their life mission To prove to me, and themselves That I was worthless.  You just didn't think it through That maybe it's not biology  Maybe it's... Continue Reading →

My Vow

So much more than honor and cherish; When you have no breath I will breathe for you. When words will not come out I will speak for you. When you cannot see anything I will describe everything to you. When you cannot feel anything I will touch everything for you. When you no longer have... Continue Reading →

No Matter What

I wish I could lie Even once Say I don't miss you Say I don't miss your voice Say I wish things didn't turn out differently That you moved West Instead of East. I wish you had something Anything Of mine to remind you Of me Of us. I wish you would have promised That... Continue Reading →


Like a beautifully written masterpiece You can't quite figure out. A finger you use to trace a map But you just can't find the route. Maybe this time she will succumb You think to yourself twice. Maybe this trail of breadcrumbs will lure her Or perhaps these gems will suffice. She's a shield you use... Continue Reading →

Both Hands

There are some things You can simply glance at; Take notice of But never follow through with. Your faith Your love You should hold onto With both hands.  

The Power of Love

It is the most wonderful sensation; Being in love. As if the wind is going straight through you Not stopping at you any longer. The sun in the sky is your spotlight Finding him, no matter where he goes. It is as if you are being lifted into the sky By the love of the... Continue Reading →

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