I’ve Written

I’ve written about the one that got away

The one that wouldn’t stay

The one you couldn’t wait to get out the door.


I’ve written about songs that you hear

How delicious is beer?

And sex that would make you lose your mind.


I’ve written about the family so screwed up

About Scotland’s favorite pup

The man that ran away one day to Spain.


I’ve written of the catfish of the internet

Wondering where it all went?

Then answered with an angry sense of denial.


I’ve written of the sea when it turns cold at night

How women should put up a fight

Even sang one once on top of a stack of books.


I’ve written of the scum we have in society

Of male impropriety

And summed it up with “that’s why I’m alone today.”


I’ve written of the past and all it’s beauty

This blonde that was rather snooty

Did I mention she manages to play some guitar?


I’ve written all the crazy stuff in my head

Even that I’d rather be dead

But I didn’t really mean that like it says.


I’ve written of love and all its useful forms

All the other societal ‘norms’

Then deviated, as much as I possibly could.


Tonight I write of life and wonder

Building something that has gone under

Because my gosh I miss that man that went to Spain.


I’ve written of statues made of nothing but stone

Life, love, and moving to Rome

Though honestly, who really thought it was built in just one day?


I’ve written of honesty, and all its virtues

Men, and which one they will choose

I’ve even shot a few of them dead.


Now I sit and think and think of the fight

What if I have nothing else to write?

Then laugh as I realize that will never happen.


Tonight I’ll sit with my pen in hand

Thinking of you, across the land

Wondering if your waiting for me to write.

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