Drown In It

When you finally feel like she believes you love her

She begins to doubt and worry

When you think she cannot live with you

She walks away

When you think it will last forever

She is worried you don’t want her anymore

When you start to feel secure

She blows it all out of the water.


What do you do?

Spend the rest of your life loving her

Showing her the most fantastic

And terrible

Parts of yourself.

You hand her your heart

When she drops it

Which she will,

You pick it up

And hand it back to her.

You surround her

With an unconditional love

You know for certain

She’s never had.

You touch every


Part of her




Part of you.

You are unwavering

And still;

Everything she is not.

You give her a love

She can drown in;

But won’t.

A love that

Even when she

Steps out of it

She’s still drenched.


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