Will You Make Her Yours?

We can all plainly see

This one enjoys dangling her off the cliff

Then pulling her back in

So he can be her hero.

This other one tries

But he’s married

With kids.

Another is betrothed

To someone

He can never have

Yet he wants her.


She’s starting to think

She isn’t good enough

For reality

That maybe everything

She ever has again

Will all be

Make believe.


Are you man enough

To make her yours?

She came in on a dark horse

He hadn’t really left, of course.

He’d like to see if maybe she changed her mind.

Love will come in it’s due course

Don’t worry about his painted horse

They do that when they are ready for the fight.

Seems he’s been a little fraught

She’s tired after all the lessons she’s taught

Neither of them want to take the time.

So take the liars, just for now

Let them feed their angry cow

Trust me, something will work out somehow

They will pay for the crime at hand.

You never need to ask why

When you know it is all a lie

Let the truth prevail over time.



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