I See You

I see you laying in bed with me

Us talking, for hours.

Our ten minute each

Vows of love

Before we consummate our ‘forever.’

I see our restaurant on main street

Taking in plenty of guests.

Our divine love taking us places

We never knew existed.

I see you taking my hand

To lead me places

You simply must show me.

Loving every part of me

Whether it is good to me

Or not.

Becoming part of me

Every part me

Inside and out.

I see you being so integral

To my life

That you’re like a limb

But you’re my heart.

Kissing me tenderly on the lips

And a thousand other places;

Many times

Over many years.

Standing before me

To become my husband;

As it was surely meant to be.

I see you wanting to protect me

And love me

Until you are no longer alive.

I see us both wrapped so tightly in a love

So warmly, and comfortably,

That our souls are always at peace.


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