I Wrote For You

I took the heart out of my chest

Laid it on the desk in front of me

Then asked it to help me write

Something that could convey

How much you mean to me.

It said nothing at all

Just laid there.

Then I realized

You were not just in my heart

You are in my soul

In everything I do

Everything I touch

You are every single breath I take

Every time I get angry

Every piece of food I don’t eat

And every word I speak.

You are my best friend

The most excellent lover

My partner

The only person I tell everything to

Every time my heart beats

In my chest

And that space of time in between

Is you.

You are every moment I felt lonely

Every time my phone rang

All the times I wish someone loved me

And all the spaces of time in between

When I felt nothing.

I wrote something for you

But I got so lost in how much I loved you

I forgot to write it.


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