There Are No Others

You can’t kill words

No matter how much you hate them.

You can stop a beating heart

Emotionally devastate a family

Ruin every form of peace

This world requires

But you will never silence love.

You cannot carry a Qur’an

Spouting words of love and mercy

Then kill someone

Because it isn’t the way.

Your brutality is what fuels this

Your cruelty.

We may object with what he says

But we cannot silence him.


Avijit Roy, the blogger who was brutally murdered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photograph: Avijit Roy/Facebook



He was a love

A piece  of heaven here on earth.

I wonder to myself

What he would have grown up to be?

Who would have been his wife?

How many children would he have had?

If only we didn’t make people flee their country

Due to our greed.

If only we cared for one another

Like we are supposed to

Regardless of our differences.

He was a love

Someone’s pride and joy.

We’ve lost him now

He is in paradise

As we are left to wonder

What his future would have been.




Sad when we live in a time

Where we can read about death

Or see it

And it doesn’t reach into our hearts

Our souls

Make us want better.

Sad when we can see a child dead

Not wonder how and why

We let this happen.

Where a man is killed

Because of the words he says.


If you must kill

If there is something inside of you

That you must take a life

To stop something

or to start something

Then you’ve not learned anything

About life.


5 thoughts on “There Are No Others

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  1. Only people who truly have love in their soul speak as you have. ” Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. Peace be with you.

  2. So many things we cannot change – so much for which we are not responsible. The blame returns to the man for whom another man was to blame – a man whose bitterness spawned another argument; an argument engendered by yet another whose greed was his answer to the want of his own upbringing in another land and another time. Death happens. Sad as the picture of the child on the shore may be, we weep principally because it is a death laid before us. In a hospital in the heart of our world somewhere, at the same spontaneous moment, another child died. And another, and another. For those children, the blame may be easier to ascribe, the wrong easier to correct; yet we feel nothing for them, we take no action, because we do not see them. Such is the way the media manipulates us, influences our thinking, and pressures us into decisions which are so often tragically – and fatally – wrong.

    1. Maybe that’s the problem, we don’t see things and so long as wet don’t see them, they don’t occur.

      It isn’t true though, it does occur, whether we open our eyes to it or not.

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