I Wrote For You

I took the heart out of my chest Laid it on the desk in front of me Then asked it to help me write Something that could convey How much you mean to me. It said nothing at all Just laid there. Then I realized You were not just in my heart You are in... Continue Reading →

I See You

I see you laying in bed with me Us talking, for hours. Our ten minute each Vows of love Before we consummate our 'forever.' I see our restaurant on main street Taking in plenty of guests. Our divine love taking us places We never knew existed. I see you taking my hand To lead me... Continue Reading →

The Moon & Sun

I may be the moon that lights up a dull evening But you are the sun that brightens up our days. I may be the train that goes barreling down the mountain But you are the sturdy tracks that lead the way. I may be the throne, adorned in jewels and sat on by kings... Continue Reading →

Will You Make Her Yours?

We can all plainly see This one enjoys dangling her off the cliff Then pulling her back in So he can be her hero. This other one tries But he's married With kids. Another is betrothed To someone He can never have Yet he wants her.   She's starting to think She isn't good enough... Continue Reading →

The Tragedy of Truth

What a tragedy it can be, The truth. Haunting or revealing, Exciting or debilitating, You can get lost in it Or found from it. It can be a little spark in you Or be the kind of fire People talk about For generations. It can make her want you Desperately Or want to run from... Continue Reading →

We Are

We don't get to make the rules We just break them every day. You can beg a girl to 'stand right there' But you won't get  her to stay. You can have your little fit Of jealousy and rage. You men are like reading a book to us We'll simply turn the page. We are... Continue Reading →

The Song You Sing

It's beautiful really, We hum it in our heads, This mesmerizing tune, That only you can sing. The words take everyone, Like a strong grasp, Leaving us breathless, And wanting More. Coupled with your looks, Those eyes, That smile, We are taken by it all, So very taken. We walk around, Singing what we think... Continue Reading →

Our Beliefs

The world says we are strangers But I’m really not so sure. The example left by my ancestors Left me feeling a bit insecure. A cross hung up on a grave Kneel upon the land. I’ve taken nothing that wasn’t given Yet everyone holds out their hand. I’ve left pieces of myself in places That... Continue Reading →

The Fortune of Many

Sounds heard in the backlash Society takes a spin He lets loose with a great speech So let the games begin. We elect him into office He sits down at a comfy desk Has many wondering if his morality Would be his ultimate test. As driven as he is loathsome Angry and justified It doesn't... Continue Reading →

My Treasure

Part of me Wants to hide you away. Visit you as often as possible But never Ever Let anyone know how I feel about you Or that it is you That makes me smile all the time. Another part of me Wants to show everyone Who And What You are. I want to tell everyone... Continue Reading →

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