The Path to Me

Winding long and narrow Terrifying in every way Nothing to drink or eat And man, do you have to pay. Spiders and snakes and frogs Laying right there in your path Walking around them isn't an option You'll have to take their wrath. Spitting fire and daggers There are dragons along the way Gnarly beasts... Continue Reading →


The very first thing I ever wanted in my life Was a family. A bunch of people All related to me That had to love me Because I was theirs. The very second thing I ever wanted in my life Was a man to love me All his life Nobody else. I'll let you know... Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry for the Rain

There is sadness every hello Happiness in goodbye We can sit and wonder where it's gone Or even ask why. I cause fear in the unknown Terror over nothing Sadness in times of getting somewhere Nothing when you sing. The lack of words when you are writing A voice that never speaks Sound when you... Continue Reading →

Never Too Late

There is something to be said about nudity Standing before the light Not sure if this moment is real Nor caring if it is right. There are no shadows in this room Or time for speculation Just nudity and fervor And a little adulation. Looking in the mirror once I think it's finally time We... Continue Reading →

Standing in the Room

I wish I was in Spain Standing somewhere You would see me Smile at you As you pass by. Would you know It was me? Would you pass by Or stop and talk to me? Would you be happy Or would I remind you Of how we loved?   What if I Were standing in... Continue Reading →


He sucked the air out of the room Because he could. She took it all in stride Like he knew she would. Love cannot be replaced By a better piece of ass If you are in it, you're in it For those of us with class. Maybe you don't like the riddle Because it makes... Continue Reading →

She Doesn’t Matter

If she doesn't keep you up Make you nervous Afraid to lose her To anything At any time.   If she doesn't make you smile Make you cry Make you so happy you could fly And so angry you could explode.   If she doesn't make you wake up In the middle of the night... Continue Reading →

Don’t Tell Me

Until you have hit your knees In the middle of your house Screaming for the pain to stop For someone to make it end.   Until you get a phone call Where a stranger Is giving you details Of a death You'd give your life To not have happen.   Until you look and around... Continue Reading →


A single moment That lives in infinity With just enough clarity To make you weak. A singular lapse of judgement Where you are forced To either cry Or leave. Wishing takes it away Through viscosity though We can go to a whole new level.   Tears stream down the face Of a man that regrets... Continue Reading →

What I’m Looking For

The waves crashed relentlessly Against the boat I kept as a trophy Of my unrelenting quest. Storms made the seas rough I stand at the bow ready for everything Taking on the rain The waves Nothing phases me.   For hours the ship is tossed around I'm finally seated Because standing against the wind Was... Continue Reading →

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