What I Believe

I believe there are more colors to a rainbow

That what we can truly see.

I believe there is more passion found in hidden places

Deep inside of me.

I believe wars are fought every day

Only the evil survives.

I believe that sometimes when I meet someone

We’ve met in other lives.

I believe the power of persuasion

Is easier when you try.

I believe life can get so entangled with injustice

That it makes you want to cry.

I believe honor makes a man great

But the truth will set him free.

I believe there is power within a principle

That I carry within me.

I believe religion can be a beautiful thing

But can also lead to abuse.

I believe that a war fought in agony

Must always end in a truce.

I believe love is our most powerful weapon

When used most properly.

I believe you have the best chance in life

When you start every day early.

I believe in the power of prayer

But your hands at work, when needed.

I believe faith is an important tool

When properly seeded.

I believe a man is only as good as his word

That a handshake can bind an agreement.

I believe a woman can be your deepest pain

Or can be absolutely heaven sent.

I believe the harder you work

The luckier you get.

What I believe has never changed

It never will, I bet.



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