Visit the Darkness


Sometimes I come out of my sunshine

Out of the cocoon he protects me in

Go running out into the storm

Into the battlefield

Where I used to fight.

I take a deep breath in

I remember the entire ordeal;

The fighting and clawing

The days and nights I thought would never end

Yet they did.

I remember crying myself to sleep

Wondering why it was me

Wishing tomorrow I could wake up

And be somewhere else

Someone else.

Yet every single morning I woke up

I was still me

Still alive and breathing.


I looked around the battlefield today

And it reminded me

I wasn’t even fighting anyone;

Not really anyway.

The entire war

All of the fighting

The screaming and yelling

It was all within me.


When I’m done remembering

I go back to him,

My home

My love

My husband.

I take a deep breath

Happy this time

I’m breathing





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