Take Their Turn

There was the writer

So lost and angry

He couldn’t think his way out

Of the art galleries

He loved to write about.

His pen wrote of love

Very little of anything else

Yet he couldn’t find his heart

For the life of him.


Then the artist

So consumed in his own demise

He would hold his breath

But he would rather you hold yours.


Third was the liar

He was somewhere

But nowhere.

He did something

Yet nothing.

He promised everything

Delivered nothing.

Then walked away.


The lost was next

He’d fill your head

With his narcissistic thoughts

God forbid you

Have any of your own.


The liar returned

With the same lies

Spoken more softly

Then harshly

Then walked away again

With the ever-so-clever

“Whatever you want from me

I cannot give to you” line.


One by one

They take their turn

Trying to distract




A test in life

Of what you believe

Whom you can trust

How you love




Whether you let them

Distract you

Take you

Move you

Interrupt you

Is only up to you.




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