Delightful Entertainment

Flecks of darkness gleam my eyes

Before me stands Ares.

I smile because I know the truth

Of what the sloth carries.


Ask him to start a war for me

So large nobody wins.

Everyone lays dying or dead

Then the truth of lies begins.


I gather gold and silver pieces

Hand them to fools.

Tell them if they carry them far away

We can use it all for tools.


Ares begins the battle for me

While the fools hands are filled.

Laugh as I watch them all fall in battle

And each one of them be killed.


More than a subtle reply

Stand laughing at their cost

They may have died right there

But really, who lost?


Hades comes to take their souls

Looks at me in amazement.

“How is it that I find you

Such delightful entertainment?”


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