Every morning your coffee cup gets touched

Your shoes get put on

Like the rest of your clothing.

Your coffee gets made

The paper gets read

As you ready yourself for the day.


Did you think maybe she’d want your attention?

Maybe just to say hello

That you are thinking of her right then

That she is as important

As your coffee

Your shoes

Your paper.


Maybe she wants you forever

She’s holding that thought in her heart

Maybe she plans on being completely true

And would love to hear from you.


Maybe too many made her unimportant

So she doesn’t like the feeling

The way it makes her feel replaceable

In every part of you.


Maybe tonight she’ll give up

She’ll decide there is no point in fighting

If you can’t make her important already

Then it simply not going to happen.


There are plenty waiting to talk to her

Plenty that would call her every morning

Would be putting on their shoes while talking to her

And laugh because you lost the one thing

They would give everything

In their life for.


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