Hold to That

Hold to that in which you love That makes you crave Come push or shove. Hold to that in which you trust To something true Not just lust. Hold to that which makes you yearn Tests your will Makes you learn. Hold to that which keeps you still Makes you strong Not makes you ill.... Continue Reading →

Not Quite Enough

He believes I have fallen from heaven I still have the halo upon my head. You think I’d take the entire world And make it all dead. He thinks I’ve hung the moon In a perfect balance of nature. You think I’d rip it apart And call it ‘my little adventure.’ He thinks I could... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Worthy

If you don't make him feel Like his life Is more important to you Than your own. You are not worthy.   If you don't make her feel Like there is no other woman On this planet As beautiful As she is. You are not worthy.   If you don't make him feel Like he... Continue Reading →

Who I Really Am

I’m the wolf that is on the prowl The eagle flying in an endless sky The moment you feel the pain of denial But nobody can tell you why. A bitter truth said in haste In a moment of inner reflection They said I’d have a moment to spare But I was never going in... Continue Reading →

The Pill

A pill sits on the table Sun peeking through the window Almost as if it is taking a look. I sit down and look at it Knowing every problem Would be solved with taking it. There would be no more heartbreak Or paying for that In which I do not have. I stare at it... Continue Reading →

I Wonder

He told me to stand facing myself The look I shot him rang viciously through the air; I watched it bounce around Then land on the ground. This is a place Where one can wish for silence Then wait for it for ages.   The mirror reflected my insecurities; I never realized how terrible I... Continue Reading →

None But You

Only a fraction of what I was Left beyond anything I've ever known Craving what was long the history Hidden in reflections of my mind To the point I could even tell If I was breathing or not. Within the sudden insurgency The weight has been sanctified Yet not completely purified By all that was... Continue Reading →

I Wasn’t Waiting For That

I was waiting for a long kiss That completed me The one that made me whole Consumed my fears Made me feel things inside of me I have never felt.   I was waiting for a question That would sum up my future Allow me your last name A vow between us Would keep us... Continue Reading →

You Planted Flowers

They were so beautiful There on the ground In the shape of a heart Like it was your heart You were giving to me. You planted them so carefully Then tended to them for days What a lovely surprise.   Then they died Like the pieces of your heart You stepped on them Like you... Continue Reading →

Hope Within You

The smile on your face Discussing the life You nearly wish you had. The dimple by your mouth When you laugh Is absolutely precious. The night you sat up all night Talking to me about everything But that.. The way you stand at the door Waiting for me to get close So you can open... Continue Reading →

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