How The West Was Won

There were holes in our curtains The couch was this hideous orange. I wanted to tell you how the west was won But nothing rhymes with orange. Life was simpler We breathed in union of our pact We may not have had much dignity But there was always plenty of tact. We killed Indians by... Continue Reading →


He peeled away layers of me, In seconds. Told me he would reach for the stars If I wanted one. Swore to me he would never leave And I believed him. This isn't sorcery Not a trick of the mind Or a slight of hand. He promised fields of ivory Seas blue as the sky... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Get My Way

That one time I wanted to marry this guy Spend the rest of my life with him, Not realizing what a train wreck he was How terrible it would have been. How I would have clawed my way out of it Begging for it to be over For the pain to stop.. I'm glad I... Continue Reading →


I wish I could meet you Somewhere in the middle of us Through longing and desire We've always held so firmly in place. I wish I was there with you Seeing the sky light up Hearing the banging of the thunder Making the walls shake. I wish I could always hear you Even if it... Continue Reading →

In A Place I Don’t Belong

Where I'm not free To be myself. Where I'm silenced Or put up on a shelf. When he isn't talking Making me feel unimportant. Or I feel like maybe I'm the prize of the hunt. Where a simple text Is too much to ask. He isn't feeling like losing me Is taking him to task.... Continue Reading →

I’m Free

Within me is a power I'll never give away It causes young girls to run But me, I stay. I'm free because I'm not tamed I'm not looking to settle down While most are out running around I could care less about this town. I'm a seamstress with no desire To sew or make a... Continue Reading →


He gathers up the bricks From his last relationship. Some were worn and broken Yet even more were in so many pieces You couldn't tell one brick from the other, Yet he spent years gathering them; Tenderly taking care of each one, Guarding them Protecting them So nobody can take any Or move any. He... Continue Reading →

I Found The Lost

I found the lost While lost myself. All of us Fighting a war We didn't want to fight. I found the lost To be my saviors. They lift you up Because they don't want you to feel The way they do, just now. I found the lost Because they found me.

Something You Want

Something you could take Something you could leave? Am I something you could walk away from Or hide, like a card up your sleeve? Am I something you want Something you need Something you love Or something in between?

Spoke It Into Everything I Did

I willed it one day to be so Then spoke it into everything I did Promised myself solidarity With the integrity of a kid. I walk with the truth within me Spill it out every now and then. I understand continuity But don't know where or how to begin. There is beauty in hope and... Continue Reading →

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