My Guardian

You gave me light

I refused it and sat in darkness.

You gave me hope

I joked about it, and walked away.

You gave me dignity

As I stood in a room lying about each of them.

You gave me honor

I used it as a gift of disorder.


Shallow is a light in the hall

I tore the roof off the place.

Stumbled in drunk one night

With one hell of an angry face.

Let one person change my view

On all of humanity.

Circumvented all the processes

Due to my insanity.

Wasn’t as innocent as I thought

I was the perpetrator

Not just an actor in the play

I was the damn orchestrator.


Forgive me,

My guardian

For I know not what I do.

You can blame me

For all the crimes

But only for what I knew.


Take the time to explain to me

How all of life matters.

You would think I would have known

That all of glass shatters.

Now I’ll take my discipline

As any woman would.

Nobody deserved the wrath that was me

Not those, that were good.


Sometimes we commit a crime

Because it makes us feel vindicated.

You can say that two wrongs don’t make a right

But a little anger is dissipated.

Sure there may be many tears

Men, shaking their heads.

It was better for me to cut them off

Before I had gotten into their beds.

If you line them up tonight

Point to each and every one

I’ll give you a little secret about them

Wouldn’t that be fun?


My guardian, you always sit and wait

I’ve never once appealed.

Now I stand before you tonight

Swearing to you I’ve healed.




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