The Steps

First it’s going to knock you down

You’re going to wish you died.

You’re really going to feel the hurt

You’re gonna wish you cried.

Then everything goes so fast

It’s all just over now.

She goes from being your one true love

To “that angry cow.”

That is when the anger sets in

And it LOVES to sit.

You may start to throw some things

You may start to say some shit.

Then you begin to feel the loss

It’s like an aching need.

It’s like this wound you have

That just won’t bleed.

You start to remember things

Things you loved about the lost.

You start to think of that anger

And what all it cost.

Because maybe today you’d turn around

Tell her how sorry you are.

But tonight you sit alone

In this dingy bar.

Now you have a life alone

It will pass in a blur.

You’ll sleep with so many

But none will be her.

somebody to love

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