The Truth

Can you pull shadows from the wall

And make them dance in the rain?

Take a few pieces of sand

Make me a beautiful train?

I’ve found I don’t like the flow of a river

Can you make it change its course?

I trek a long and senseless path dear sir

Would you mind if I borrowed a horse?

My eyes are tired of seeing the sin

Can you carry the burden for me?

If my love ever gets to be too much for you

Would you help me plant a tree?

If I want to talk about Donne

Would you tell me it was fun?

If I took apart our lives one day

Would you resist the urge to run?

If I handed you my heart

Would you accept it willingly?

Or perhaps, like many others

Simply hand it back to me?

Fear sits silent in forcing hands

When dripping with the anger

There is silence in hate, my friend

That you cannot even imagine.

I’m not a subtle poet

I tend to tell it like it is

There are lies within the words here

But the truth is what it says.

do you trust me

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