He gathers up the bricks
From his last relationship.
Some were worn and broken
Yet even more were in so many pieces
You couldn’t tell one brick from the other,
Yet he spent years gathering them;
Tenderly taking care of each one,
Guarding them
Protecting them
So nobody can take any
Or move any.

He finds a woman
He almost likes her;
She’s pretty
Has a great job,
Everything he is looking for.

He builds a beautiful house
Brick by brick
Using them all up
Until he’s made a beautiful relationship.

When it crumbles to the ground
He is sickened
“How can this be so!?”

She culls and sorts the venture
To try to win the prize
He builds and carries the same stones
That led to his demise.

Promises nothing due to fear
He’s caught in a terrible storm
Standing in the middle of his life
So far away from anything warm.

When a friend tells her to flee
She says “My gosh I wish you knew.”
“How does it feel to stand in front of
A ghost that refuses to haunt you?”

He stands staring at the aftermath
Of yet another failure
Wondering why she had to be
Just like everyone else?

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