I’m Free

Within me is a power
I’ll never give away
It causes young girls to run
But me, I stay.

I’m free because I’m not tamed
I’m not looking to settle down
While most are out running around
I could care less about this town.

I’m a seamstress with no desire
To sew or make a dress
I’m more of the filthy beast at night
That loves to make a mess.

I’m the shattered woman you hear screaming
Because she cannot get her way
I’m the one you really love inside
That you just cannot get to stay.

I’m the force within a punch
Directed at a wall
I’m the symptom of the crime
And the cure for it all.

I’m free because men have no balls
To take what they need
They sit and stare at temptation
While I watch the crows feed.

I free because I’m useless
They can this anywhere
Two breasts and what is between my legs
Would hardly garner a stare.

Most pass it out like candy
Mine you will not pass
They’d ask, I’d refuse
Then tell them to kiss my ass.

I’m free because I’m not taken
Nobody tells me what to do
I come, I go
I care for very few.

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