How The West Was Won

There were holes in our curtains
The couch was this hideous orange.
I wanted to tell you how the west was won
But nothing rhymes with orange.

Life was simpler
We breathed in union of our pact
We may not have had much dignity
But there was always plenty of tact.

We killed Indians by the thousands
Called them savages, at best.
We took slaves from other countries
But here is where we laid them to rest.

Burned witches at the cross
Because they frightened us in our sleep
We tore families apart due to our deity
Not once did we weep.

I think we decided to go against the crown
Make our own way on this land
Made some rules to justify
Then did exactly as planned.

I’m no history major
But there had to be a reason
We went against our own people
Committing treason.

I don’t know how the west was won
All I know is I’m here now.
We already know when, why and where
Nobody remembers “how.”


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