I Got My Hope Back

Lost one day to treason Then stood defiant at the cost You may know the score by now But you've no idea what I lost. When I gathered the material to rebuild Life stole it all away Like humanity has a terrible price That somehow I had to pay. Healed one day in a garden... Continue Reading →

Except In The Rain

He tells tales interwoven with lies He's kept in his head for years If you call him on any of it It reduces the man to tears. A gloomy day he met his match In a battle of wits and charmed regale It wasn't the noblest thing to do Especially when one would fail. He... Continue Reading →


The sun rose over the mountains The grass had tender dew Her feet touched the earth Everything was beautiful. A friend came over to say hello They sat and had coffee Talked and laughed about their past It was beautiful. He came over to take her out They planned lunch together Then a nice walk... Continue Reading →

She Thinks

There are moments she thinks nothing at all Then something happens in life In her beautiful Unfettered life. Then she thinks about the people She remembers the fall That one time, with him She knew she had it all. She thinks about the sunshine About the crazy amounts of sex That one time She got... Continue Reading →

Safely Alone

Silence tears me from the bed into a place I've never been Out on the street looking at a house that seems strangely familiar Windows are boarded up, yet the door is propped open Nearly inviting me to come in for a while. Immediately I go to the table, where papers are strewn Incoherent writings... Continue Reading →

A Candle

A candle burns in the distance Far away from him Far away from his heart. He stands and stares at a flower For days Wondering if he should pick it Or leave it where it is. His mind never thinking That maybe he can take it Replant it somewhere close to him. She sits in... Continue Reading →

I’m Yours

Wrapped in a cloak of protection Weapons scattered around the place Where most men want to see tits and ass You want to see my face. Whether we say it tonight Or never give a clue Doesn't take away from the fact I belong to you. While some are worried About checkmarks and scores I... Continue Reading →

Pin Drop

You could have heard a pin drop Nobody moved in the place. Everyone sat staring at her With this shocked look on their face. When she told them everything Every hurt she received. It was a moment of agony That nobody would have believed. It was a story that rocked the world About a woman... Continue Reading →


So in love, was he That where he was, What he was doing Meant nothing. Every day, he would write Every day, she would wait Thinking she finally found the love She so richly deserved.   Then he pulled the rug out Told her they would not be together He didn't know how He couldn't... Continue Reading →


Tonight Could you take a moment of your life And cure a little bit of loneliness? Could you take away years of pain With one gentle kiss? Could you explore my body Like nobody has before? Could we start on the bed And end up on the floor? Will you get lost with me Inside... Continue Reading →

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